A History of Supporting Others

ARIS Solutions was created in 1996 as a cooperative effort between social service agencies to reduce expenses in the face of statewide budget cuts without diminishing the level of valuable supports within the community. Our mission quickly expanded to help individuals and their families self-direct their own funding without the burden of dealing with state and federal payroll requirements. Over the years we have continually updated our services to meet the growing demands of a complex healthcare and social services system. This ongoing commitment has made life easier for thousands of people.

ARIS Solutions is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a majority of family members and consumers.

Our by-laws prevent us from providing direct care services. We believe in an individual’s right to choose services and service providers and have created a vehicle by which this can happen.

CO-EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS                                           

Cheryl Thrall, M.A.
Lincoln Street, Inc.

William Ashe, Ed.D.
Upper Valley Services

Administrative Staff  

Jason Richardson, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Larry Ballou, MS, Director, Human Resources

Jennifer Garabedian, MSA, Director, Fiscal Employer Agent

Theresa Towle, BS, Director, Veterans Programs

Board of Directors

Teri Motley, President

Ron Poe, Vice President

Mary Ann Lauder, Secretary

Russ Hotchkiss, Member

Simon Solano, Member