flagWashington, D.C. – Veteran’s Directed-Home and Community Based Services 

If you are becoming an employer to hire employees so that you may hire new employees, please download the following paperwork:

PLEASE NOTE:  (The paperwork below is for use for the Washington, DC Program, only. These forms cannot be used for any State of Vermont program such as Children’s Personal Care, Developmental Services, Choices for Care, etc.) Submitting incorrect forms will delay enrollment in the correct programs.

  •  New Employer Start Up Packet
  •  New Employer Handbook
  •  New Employee Hiring Packet
  •  Background Check Policy
  •  Time Sheet
  •  Payroll Schedule

Washington, DC-VD-HCBS

Here is a link to Iona Senior Services who helps serve the Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Program: http://www.iona.org/