Vermont-Choices for Care/Personal Care Budget Format Change

The Choices for Care- Personal Care-Budget reports have changed format as of the 8/17/18 report date.  The new format shows what was used against the bi-weekly budget cap and not the entire budget remaining balance.

For example – If the bi-weekly budget cap is $700 for the consumer it will show as the following:

In the top box it shows –  Budget Amount : $700.00              (This is your bi-weekly budget cap amount)

Budget Dates: 9/24/17 – 9/9/18   (These are the dates of the budget, beginning and ending)

Report Dates: 7/29/18 – 8/11/18  (This is the bi-weekly dates that is being reported)

Personal Care 

Budget Amount       $700.00  (This the bi-weekly budget cap amount)

Total Usage              $696.46  (This is what was used against the budget cap)

Current Balance      $3.54      (This is what was remaining of the budget cap)

Employee/Vendor/Expense               Service Date(s)         Rate/Cost       Hours/Units       Usage          Employer Taxes          Total Cost

Name, Employee                                   7/29/18-8/11/18         $11.30                    54.50             $615.85             $80.61                        $696.46


Last Payment Date                        8/17/18

Budget Amount                             $700.00

Total Usage in Report Period  -$696.46

Current Budget Balance               $3.54