The Vermont  Homecare United/AFSCME Local 4802 is the union which represents home care workers employed through most State of Vermont participant, family, and surrogate directed programs.  Homecare workers may choose to join the Union at anytime during their employment.

Employees working under any Veteran’s VD-HCBS program and employees working under the State of Vermont’s Family Managed Respite program do not fall under eligibility requirements for Homecare Workers United-AFSCME union

The State of Vermont represents all employers in collective bargaining with Vermont Home Care United-AFSCME. The most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of Vermont and AFSCME can be found below.

ARIS Solutions is not affiliated with Vermont Homecare United-AFSCME. ARIS Solutions takes a neutral position regarding the union and does not support, encourage, or discourage membership with the same.