What is Consumer Directed Care?

“According to the definition developed by the National Institute on Consumer-Directed Long-Term Services, consumer direction of long-term care services, or consumer-directed care, is both a philosophy and a practice model for home care. As a philosophy, it emphasizes consumer choice and control, recognizing that service recipients themselves are the ones who best know their needs and preferences and, as such, should have primary authority and responsibility for making decisions about those services. In practice, consumer direction means that consumers make concrete choices about their care and ultimately manage the delivery of their services to the extent that they are willing and able to do so.” *National Institute on Consumer Directed Long-Term Services

In Vermont, there are a number of consumer, family, and surrogate directed service programs for individuals requiring support to remain living in their own homes and communities.  Individual program requirements are based upon intellectual disabilities, autism, aging, and medical needs, along with eligibility for long term Medicaid or other State of Vermont funding.

As noted by the National Institute on Consumer Directed Long-Term Services consumer direction involves both the freedom and flexibility to choose one’s own employees and work schedules as well as the responsibility of hiring, training, supervising, terminating, and managing paperwork and budgets.  A Fiscal Agent such as ARIS Solutions is able to ease some of the responsibilities by managing payroll however each consumer/employer must be willing to assume the other responsibilities.

Please see the right side of this page for a list of current Consumer Directed programs available through the State of Vermont services system.

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