Vermont-Choices for Care/Personal Care Budget Format Change

The Choices for Care- Personal Care-Budget reports have changed format as of the 8/17/18 report date.  The new format shows what was used against the bi-weekly budget cap and not the entire budget remaining balance.

For example – If the bi-weekly budget cap is $700 for the consumer it will show as the following:

In the top box it shows –  Budget Amount : $700.00              (This is your bi-weekly budget cap amount)

Budget Dates: 9/24/17 – 9/9/18   (These are the dates of the budget, beginning and ending)

Report Dates: 7/29/18 – 8/11/18  (This is the bi-weekly dates that is being reported)

Personal Care 

Budget Amount       $700.00  (This the bi-weekly budget cap amount)

Total Usage              $696.46  (This is what was used against the budget cap)

Current Balance      $3.54      (This is what was remaining of the budget cap)

Employee/Vendor/Expense               Service Date(s)         Rate/Cost       Hours/Units       Usage          Employer Taxes          Total Cost

Name, Employee                                   7/29/18-8/11/18         $11.30                    54.50             $615.85             $80.61                        $696.46


Last Payment Date                        8/17/18

Budget Amount                             $700.00

Total Usage in Report Period  -$696.46

Current Budget Balance               $3.54






Bennington Battle Day is a state holiday unique to Vermont, commemorating the American victory over British forces at the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War in 1777. The holiday’s date is fixed, occurring on August 16 every year.[1]

In Bennington, there is a battle re-enactment put on by the local history foundation.[2]

The Battle of Bennington took place in New York, but is so named because the British were headed for a cache of weapons and munitions stored where the Bennington Battle Monument now stands in present-day Old Bennington, Vermont.[3]


Vermont Earned Sick Time Law update

ARIS Solutions has mailed out a letter to update the information regarding the implementation of Vermont’s Earned Sick Time Law.  Letters were mailed to both Employers and Employees.  To see a copy of what was mailed click on the link here:  Vermont Earned Sick Time Leave Letter July 2018

If you have additional questions you can visit the Vermont Department of Labor’s website here: Vermont’s New Earned Sick Time Law

April 4, 2018

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